Austin Homrighaus

Bats: Right Throws: Left

Born in Mount Vernon, Ohio

Grew up in Ringtown, PA and Gambier, OH

Graduated from Mount Vernon HS, Mount Vernon, OH

Attended St. Lawrence University (studied Comparative Religion) and Towson University (BS in Mass Communications, Philosophy Minor)

Lived in Baltimore, Los Angeles, Bend, Oregon, Washington, DC, Mentor, Ohio

Has worked for the Baltimore Orioles (Ticket Sales), Jeld-Wen Window Company (different aspects of production and production management), freelance film production (production assistant/camera assistant), and Big Planet Comics (the sweetest customer service job ever).

Enjoys the seasons, the woods, the mountains, being around water (lakes, rivers, and oceans), riding my bikes (both pedal cruiser and motorcycle), comics, film and television, Frisbee golf, baseball

Married to jewelry designer Bethany Homrighaus, with step-daughter, Lucie, and dogs, Teddy and Bree

About Austin re: Acupuncture

Master's Degree in Acupuncture from Tai Sophia Institute (Laurel, Maryland) in June 2010

Education at Tai Sophia included 2500 hours of class time and 500 hours of clinical practice

Certified in Clean Needle Technique by the CCAOM (Council of Colleges)

Diplomate in Acupuncture from NCCAOM (National Accreditation), February 2011 - present

NADA trained AcuDetox Specialist

Licensed by the State Medical Board of Ohio, April 2011 - present

Traditional Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation Protocol training with Michelle Gellis, LAc. June 2013

How I came to be an acupuncturist

My experience with acupuncture began on a beach in St. Martin in 2001. I was attempting to body surf, when mistiming a wave resulted in being driven to the ocean floor, folding my body at the waist (but not in the right way), which caused my lower back muscles to lock up, painfully.

Upon returning home to Bend, Oregon, I sought the help of a massage therapist, a chiropractor, and an acupuncturist. My first treatment with acupuncture is something I’ll never forget. The practitioner inserted some needles into my back and burned moxa on them, which sent this perfect soothing warmth into the area of back pain. It was amazing. After the pain was completely gone, I continued to see the acupuncturist because I felt different after treatments: calm, self-confident, hopeful, and well, good.

Fast-forward a few years to 2006. I had moved to the DC area, got married, and had a sales job that I didn’t particularly relish. I knew I wanted to do something different with my life, but wasn’t sure what that something would be. I had started seeing an acupuncturist in DC, and during one of our talks before a treatment, she casually mentioned, “You know, the school I went to isn’t too far up the road.”

I drove up to Tai Sophia and sat in on a class informally called Bobservation, where a clinic-level student presents a patient to Bob Duggan, one of the founders of the school, in front of a roomful of other students. On this particular day, the patient wasn’t able to attend, but the student presented him anyway. I was blown away by the questions and observations Bob was able to make about the patient, just based on what the student had to say. I walked out of the class amazed, knowing that this was what I wanted to learn, and this was where I wanted to learn it.

I am excited to be able to help others and offer them the support I have been trained to provide. I think of each treatment with a patient as creating a ripple in a pond, where the benefit is spread slowly throughout the community, from person to person.